Friday, February 18, 2011

A Bunch of crafty things!

We love creative adventures in our house- especially us girls. Recently the creative juices have been flowing and we enjoy our relaxation time doing/making things.

Here is my (middle) daughter's second knitted hat. This one only took her 4 days and is a baby gift. She is certainly enjoying her new found ability to knit! :)

I started making fabric flowers. We may use some of these to embellish her knitted creations, but I turned a few into barrettes for my girls since large flowers in the hair are back in fashion. That's a trend I think is lovely!

Here is a floral one in my youngest daughter's hair. She is growing her "bangs" out so these will come in quite handy!

...and here my oldest is also wearing one. This one is recycled from one of her dad's old dress shirts that he thought was starting to look too worn out!
My oldest has also been helping me cover hangers. I started and enlisted her help as we hope to give gifts of 10 or twelve hanger sets next Christmas. The hangers are so nice and practical. THey make your closet look nice but also help your garments stay on the hanger - instead of slipping off and ending up on the floor. (ugh!) I will try to post how to make these later on!

Then if you are one of the many people out there reading and enjoying and being so inspired by this great book....

I thought you might like this link I found. They are inspirational quotes by Ann. It's a free printable. I printed them, laminated and cut them out and then tied each set of four with a ribbon. They make a nice small gift!

Here is where you can find these nice cards!!

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  1. These are all so cute. I love the bookmarks on Ann's site. We had these to use for the Ladies Tea. They are so nice but as you said, they are so inspirational also. Enjoy the weather!