Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our 4th of July picnic!

For many years now, our family didn't really have 4th of July plans. We usually go to a fireworks display somewhere but our 4th of July was pretty open. My husband and I were talking about this a few days prior to the holiday and we wondered how many other people had no plans. We decided to do an impromptu picnic at our house. This can be hard for me sometimes because I like to have my house to a certain level (of cleanliness, organization, and food prep) but I am beginning to enjoy the last minute stuff just as much! This was one of our best 4th of July holidays so far! Thanks to all the families that came out and enjoyed celebrating with us! Just maybe... we'll keep this as an annual event! We are blessed by our American freedoms, and blessed with our wonderful family and friendships and we are all so abundantly blessed by God and His amazing love towards us!!

Here is a photo collage I made of some of the photos from our picnic. I used "Smilebox". Click the purple play button and the images should enlarge indidividually.
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We also had an uninvited visitor: No one seemed bothered by him for the most part. I didn't greet and welcome him (I do not like snakes!) but instead asked the kids to encourage him to wander back into the woods! :0

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  1. That looks like a WONDERFUL picnic (minus your un-invited guest....shudder!)

    I love that Smilebox presentation too - I have never seen that before.

    Happy (belated) Independence Day!