Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thankful to be a mother!

Well, as Mother's day is soon approaching, I am finding myself being sentimental (even more than usual) and looking back and forward as I also enjoy these (present) days with my chiildren. What a wonderful blessing the Lord created when he created motherhood. What treasures children are!
I look back and remember my first child. I knew so little about that first little one yet loved him/her so very much. What ache a heart goes through when losing a child. I do look forward to meeting my first child someday in Heaven.
When February of that year rolled around,which was when our first child was due, my sadness was healed as the Lord had already blessed us again with another child and she was born 4 months later. I am very blessed to have 5 children to raise for Him while here on Earth. They have added so much to my life.
I was thinking of the song Find Your Wings by Mark Harris to go with this photo slideshow but don't think you can add music to the actual slideshow. Click on the song on my playlist #1 (if you wish to hear it. :)
Thank you Lord for these 5 people ..... plus my sweetheart in Heaven. I don't deserve such goodness but am so-o thankful!

Oh, Lord, thank You for making me a mommy...a mom. May I ever be seeking your guidance. Grant me wisdom...increase my faith...fill me with grace as I go through life molding these young lives you entrusted to me (and their May they seek to live lives honoring You that through them others might see YOU! Thank you for the privilege of being their mother!

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