Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to two!

This week we are celebrating... the lives of two our our children!
Happy Birthday !!
As you both continue to grow each day, learning and living... and bringing joy to each day, I consider it a huge privilege to be your mother!

Little man, we all love you so. You are an energetic bundle of cuteness! Those days battling for life in the beginning were so hard and we didn't even yet know all the fun and excitement you would bring to our lives. I am so thankful for you. You light up our lives.
As you grow up, may you continue to grow in the Lord and have a life honoring Him!

Now, my sweet daughter. Happy Birthday to you! You are such a blessing too! I love how you are so insightful and able and helping out comes so easy to you! You are smart and thoughtful and beautiful. We all love you very much and are glad God blessed our family with you!! May you continue to grow in God's love too and always seek Him in life! Watching you grow into a lovely young lady encourages my heart, knowing you are living a life pleasing to the One who created you!

Happy Birthday to you both!
As your parents, your daddy and I both are thankful that we are here to pray with you --and for you; to love, to train, and to walk with you as God's plan unfolds in your lives!
We thank God for you!
We love you!


  1. HAPPY, HAPPY, BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! We too are thankful that God knitted you together and placed you where he did so that we get to know you!

    Enjoy your time celebrating the Life that God has given.

    The G's

  2. What precious pictures! Happy be-lated birthday to them both!