Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just so I don't forget..those funny things they say (and do!)

Little children say the funniest things... I love when I am going about my work and one of them says something funny and innocent and it just makes me smile - or even laugh out loud.

Since I have a pretty bad memory, I want to record these things to always remember (and tell my grandkids some day! heehee)

This little sweetie is my youngest daughter, she is 4 years old
(Above photo taken by my oldest daughter)
Her most recent sayings are...
She likes to say "I'm seriously!" (instead of I am serious.)

She also started saying "Yes, sir" to me... so I say "no, I'm a girl so it should be Yes, ma'am." Then she says "Yes, man". (Ugh!) :)

In the beginning of the summer, while outside working, she was swinging with her 6 year old brother. I told them a few times to slow down that they were swinging too high. The last time I told them that if they didn't stop they'd have to get off because it is dangerous the way they are swinging.
So they go....... and return ....
My son thought - instead of slowing down, I could just put a helmet on my sister and continue swinging fast! ;) Clever but...NO!

But I can be rest assured because my youngest daughter (4 yrs.old) tells me today....
that SHE is NOT getting married until she is 10!
(Okay! then. I think I need to work on that with her!)

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