Sunday, September 26, 2010

Catching up on Preschool Corner...

preschool corner

We've been very busy in out household so I haven't posted any Preschool Corner posts in awhile. We've done a lot but either I haven't had a camers to take pictures or I haven't had time to post. Here is a long post to try to catch up....
My last Preschool Corner post a told you how we are doing a farm unit (and lapbook)
Our unit started with pigs...
Here are most of the pig stories we read:
They made paper bag puppets and during the re-read of the stories, they used their puppets to "pretend"
Then we moved onto "cows". Here are the stories we had and read for the cow unit:

We had a field trip to a local dairy farm and she got to help feed the calves their bottles.
She's enjoying this video called Curious Buddies- Let's go to the Farm. It's meant for younger children but has sun songs and cute video/learning sections

Then other learning activities:
She loves doing activities on trays. This was a new one (to her) and she really liked it and did it over and over. I had pieces of ribbon cut and she weaved them in a scissor rack.

...below she is working on a numbers worksheet:

We also have a game called Alphabet circus. My preschoolers love throwing the bean bags and identifying the letters. She just says the letter. Her 6 yr. old brother, says the letter and its sound.
We also had a nice day for flying kites!

If you'd like to see more preschool posts, go here for the Preachool Corner site.


  1. What do such a good job!
    Mrs. G.

  2. Very cute and creative ~ I love the ribbon weaving idea!