Friday, January 7, 2011

After-Christmas Deals!

The other day I stopped in at Target. This is a department store I don't normally shop at but needed to wait a little to meet my husband. I thought I'd get the granola bars/bites my kids and I enjoy since I was pretty sure they sold them there. While there, I also thought I'd check the Christmas clearance and boy was I happily surprised. What was left was marked 90% off. WOW!
I also got some good things at K-mart and Wal-mart but nothing compares to the price reductions at Target.
Here is what I got there:

The picture above shows everything including the granola boxes.
Below: Cowboy nutcracker & The 4 packs of Glittery Christmas Balls (10 cents a pack)

THe brown paper gift tags are neat (shown below) these were 30 cents and can be used year-round! Also pictured are most of the ornaments we found!
THis ice skate ornament was normally $4.00 and he pool table one was $7.00 and yes I got them for 40 cents and 70 cents! :)
Tool/Handyman reindeer ornaments will be gifts next year added to packages and the soccer dalmation is perfect for my soccer-playing crew!
These tree plates and green bowls were normally $4.00 a piece. I got stacks with them 40 cents a piece. The bowls will be used year-round and such fun for a St. Patricks day green meal, too!
So.. Here is my reciept. I spent a total of $37.74 ($10 of that was the granola treats) and I saved $205.65!!!

I am a bargain shopper and love getting things I wouldn't normally buy because of their high prices for such good deals.
If you like deals, you migh tlike to check out the following sites:
First is Hip2Save. This site posts many new things each day. I usually can find something good, a great coupon or wondeful deal. Before the holidays I bought a Food Saver (vacuum bag sealer) The set I sold on their site for $79.99 normally. I got it for $24.00 shipped. I love it. The same set sells at Wal-Mart for $90. This product will continue to save money as I but larger quatities and can repackage and freeze without it getting freezer-burnt, etc.
Then a friend from highschool just started a site called The Frugal Flamingo where she shares for savings at food stores, etc.

Happy Saving! :)

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