Thursday, January 20, 2011

SNOW-fun School lessons

Lately we have had "Snow"-much fun with our elementary homeschool lessons. These are some of the books we have enjoyed. It's so nice on a cool snowy Winter's day to dit on a chair with my two youngest ones and a blanket and pile of good books! (What a blessing!)

Then this week, we made snow scenes with torn paper pieces:
My daughter enjoyed this and made a snowman.

My son made a fort with two trees:
Here are their finished pieces. I am now enjoying them on our firepace.
We also go to a local FIAR (Five-in-a-row) club. We had our monthly get-together this week. We went on a Winter's walk and found animal footprints in the snow. Then came inside for hot chocolate and snacks. We are making quilts this year. Each time we get or make a quilt square to go with the books. At the end we will have a nice quilt and special keepsake.

Happy Winter, friends!

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