Monday, February 22, 2010

A Funny Moment (with my little children)

I was awakened by a small sweet person. I saw that it was still early and so I lifted the blankets for that little one to crawl into bed.

Within 2 minutes I had two little children in bed with me. We cuddled and I was hoping they’d rest a bit longer. The wiggles and squirms indicated otherwise. Then I had a brilliant idea… "Let’s play I Spy.”, I said. (This game works well in stores while shopping and on car rides.) However, I very quickly realized this is not such a brillant idea as you need to have your eyes open to play this game.

During the game though my 5 year old son was spying & naming things of a certain color when he guesses ........... “that time machine” ? .....What?

(He was pointing to my alarm clock!)

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