Sunday, February 21, 2010

Secret Sister Tea

Last evening was a special event at our church. It was our annual Secret Sister Tea. The Secret Sister program is such a blessing to be a part of! Each year you draw a name (at this tea) and another sister in the Lord draws your name. You are to try to keep it a secret all year through but encourage that particular sister with cards, gifts, and especially prayers. All while you are getting the same from the Secret Sister who drew your name. It is a very special way to get to know someone better and to be encouraged yourself. I truly love this program. I have so much fun each year as well as learn so much, too.

“He who refreshes another, He himself will be refreshed.”

At the tea, fancier foods are served. There is some opening comments and a prayer before eating then the guessing game occurs which if filled with laughs and tears. This is probably the most fun! Then there is special music and devotional message. Then we reveal our Secret Sisters and find out who was our encourager too! Lastly we draw a new name for the new year.
Last year, the co-ordinator started something new. She asked different woman to be in charge of one table (which seats 8 people). This person decorates her table however she likes- place setting, center arrangement, etc. Well, this year I had a table. It was fun. I love doing things in themes however I don’t always like doing the shopping part. However, my table was pulled together around my red gingham checked table cloths I already owned. I also used my two red candles and berries garlands. I thought of doing a picnic basket in the center and using red and blue bandanas along with sunflowers for a country picnic theme. I thought too I might do something with red hearts (love), etc. Well, when shopping my theme was chosen easily by what I saw at the store. I was able to give each person a small framed heart hanger to take home with them. I bent the hangers back to make an easel for the table. Here is what it looked like.

When arriving at the tea, the ladies just choose a table where they would like to sit.

I was thrilled that both my Secret Sister ....and the Sister that was encouraging me both sat at my table. (..and my Secret Sister didn't know it was me- she said sweet things about me and I got to really surprise her. She is a veteran homeschool mom whose children are grown up and living for the Lord!)
Also, I really prayed for the speaker for the evening. Last year I gave the devotional. I was pretty relaxed about it as I felt the Lord clearly lead me in what to say. I had wanted to get there early though so I didn’t feel rushed and then get nervous. Well, the adversary was truly at work. I was ¾ of the way there (last year) when my car got a flat tire. (Thankfully I had taken my husband’s smaller car since it was just me going.) I called him and he was able to quickly load up the kids in the larger car and get to me. I learned that my wonderful husband can also change a tire in 4 minutes! I got there in time and had a new little story to add to my opening! The Lord is always there even when Satan is trying to overpower and ruin things. Well, this made me think how much Satan must try to attack those that he knows are about to give out God’s word. I had never really thought much about that before ... to that extent. Now from that experience it really makes me pray more often for those speaking at events or church meetings- wherever the Word of God is going out!
Our speaker did a wonderful job, she mentioned my mom which touched my heart and the message is one I will remember. She spoke about relationships and went into Martha and Mary and how we can have Martha attitudes or Mary attitudes. Life can be very busy, esp. when homeschooling 5 children. Marthas are busy-bodies (which can be alright) if we have a “Mary” heart and first be before the Lord and give our schedules to Him! Not busying ourselves too much that we forget to have fellowship with the Lord!

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