Monday, February 8, 2010

Blog Beginning

I feel like my first blog post should be something substantial however, this blog has been awhile in the making and I’d like to get “rolling” with it. I love the idea of journals and always wanted to keep a daily journal but my efforts never stay consistent. I do keep a journal of favorite quotes, Bible verses and Sermon notes but don’t seem to be able to keep going with a daily journal of life events. I know I miss out on documenting a lot of the happenings in our lives – our race here on Earth. I’d like to have these things recorded for upcoming generations if the Lord wouldn’t return before then. I think it would be so wonderful if I had a journal that my mother or grandmother would have kept while they were growing up.

I am a blessed mother to 5 wonderful children here on Earth as well as one child in Heaven that I look forward to meeting someday. I am sure you’ll all agree with me that with raising five children in stages from teenager down to preschooler (and all the stages that also lie in-between), I have a lot to keep track of! I have a teenage daughter, a pre-teen daughter, a 10 year old son as well as a kindergartener son, then also a preschool daughter. Since I am at the computer quite often with homeschooling, I am hoping I can keep up-to-date here. I know too that this blog can then be printed so I can have a hands-on journal to save! If you are curious about this, check out this link

…and so begins my on-line blogging journal.


  1. Looks wonderful! Can't wait to see your is exciting to know that this can be in book form one day and if the Lord tarries, a precious gift to pass on to your children!

  2. The blog looks great and I think my mom will appreciate me reading about life from another mom's perspective! :)

    God bless!